Thursday, November 1, 2012


Gosh kids make stuff more fun! I'm tellin' ya, each year since we've had wee spawn Louis and I keep getting more and more into things like holidays and family activities. Last year Louis carved his first pumpkin, this year he joined us on out trick-or-treating, walk and NEXT year he wants to wear family costumes. I'm so excited I could die. I will spend this next year planning the most awesome family get-ups I can come up with.

Athena got to have her very first school party and wear a costume to school. I think her face will forever be frozen in smile.

Zofia was kind of being a turkey about putting her costume on for our daytime preschool trick-or-treating.

First she wanted to paint zombie eyes on:

Then she demanded she be a witch in a tutu. Whatever kid. Let's go:

Finally, once she saw Athena in the Goddess Athena costume, she was ready to put hers on as well:

I'm bummed they wouldn't let me get better pictures of them but you win some, you lose some with kids. We  had a great night strolling the streets as a family, spider goblet of wine in hand.

Happy Halloween!


belles♥mom said...

They are such cute little ladies! I'm so glad you guys had such a fun day!

k said...

It was cold as BALLS for trick or treating. I feel bad for the small people.