Sunday, November 25, 2012

"I Spilled Rogaine On My Face!" - And other tales of woe.

I spilled Rogaine on my face. I can't say it was one of my finer moments. I sat there staring at myself in the mirror watching it run down my face like "Really? Really? I'm a Rogain user?" I was temporarily worried about growing a uni-brow until I realized that if I DID in fact grow one it would mean Rogaine works for me so... come on uni-brow? *sigh*

Speaking of Rogaine usage, more hair has come out lately. Worse before it gets better? It's hard on the psyche, man. I pray this works.

Something is bothering me and I can't figure out what it is. Usually I know the reason for my emo feelings- barf, germs, anxiety, but I am a Krab with a capital K. What gives? Holidays centered around food are great!

I'm tired of wiping my dog's poopy ass every time she goes outside.

Louis won't let me have this house with the round room overlooking the river.
I have no one to see Breaking Dawn 2 with and even if I did I probably wouldn't go anyway because I'm weird and reclusive.

I ordered the wrong yoga pants from Old Navy

I'm completely over NaBloPoMo Maybe because I don't know what to say.

My couch is gross. When do I get to have nice things?

I'm making this face >:/


1001 Petals said...

Why not go to the movies by yourself on a Monday night? When I went I almost always got the theatre to myself. It's fun :)

I hope the rogaine works, too. So I guess it wasn't an iron deficiency? :(

Michele said...

I would go see Breaking Dawn 2 with you!

k said...

I, too, would go to the movies with you.

Nadja Brocus said...

I really really think a solo trip to the theater would be awesome. I need something.

Iron tested and I'm healthy as a horse. Rogaine and hair pieces it is. :(

Nadja Brocus said...

We would have so much fun. I'll bring a hip flask and we'll celebrate neuroses.

Nadja Brocus said...

I would want to go with you so bad then I'd panic and we'd have to wait til it came out on video and drink and eat pie on my couch... while i stared at your exotic husband.