Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Conversations With Athena

(Athena holding her cookie dough fundraiser brochure. Want some?!?! I'll ship it!)

Athena is very excited about all things school related. Football games and Spirit Days are totally her thing. We've done a few fundraisers so far for the school and a can drive for a community program. She's SO excited to participate, can spot a Box Tops for Education product a mile away, but I wanted her to understand what we're doing and why. I began by explaining the school need some extra help so they can take the kids on field trips and that the principal's dream is to have iPads in the classroom. I also told her there are kids out there whose parents really need help so we give them our extra food and money

Athena: "There are people without money or food?!?!"
Me: "Yes Athena, and they need our help. They need food and money for their houses."
Athena: "We give them our extra food and money so they have it? When we need food and money Dad has it. IS DAD OUR FUNDRAISER?!?! WE'RE LIKE DAD?!?! AWESOME!!!!" *jumps up and down*

By jove, not only does she get it, she's learned to appreciate her dad's work. She makes me smile :)

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k said...

I love your conversations with her.
: )