Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How do some parents do it all?

I've got it pretty good. This I know. Things have changed a little bit with Athena starting school and me dipping my toes back into real estate, but a typical 24 hour period for me goes a little something like this now:

After cuddling, kissing, nursing, and sleeping with my favorite 2-year-old, we get up and at 'em at 7:50am. We then join the sweetest 5-year-old in the world on the couch for more cuddling and some cartoons. I make the ladies breakfast, get them dressed, and take Miss Athena to kindergarten at 8:50am. After drop-off, Zofia and I take care of any household or school related errands and head home. I do some housework, maybe do some social media work, and take care of any real estate business I have going on. Zofia and I cuddle some more, have lunch, nap, then pick Athena up at 3:10pm. We do homework, chat, start dinner and then welcome home dad. After some family time, it's back in bed with Zofia to start the cycle over again.

Of course I get overwhelmed sometimes. Working at home can be a challenge, housework piles up, I've got duties to take care of for the PTA, and I never get a break for just me (unless you count grocery shopping, and until they start serving booze, I don't), but for the most part I've got it easier than someone that works full time.

What about when things change? What about when I have to get TWO kids to school and start working for real? Like how do you get one kid to elementary school on time, get the other one to junior high on time, and THEN make it to a job on time? How do people do this? When the time comes will I get one of those necklaces that Hermione has in Harry Potter to be three places at once? Is that how parents do it? Honestly, it's the only way I can think of.

Are you someone that does it all? How does it work exactly?

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Wrestling Kitties said...

Can and does anyone really do it all?! I would like to meet that person, so I can punch them as I don't believe it!! I think there always has to be sacrifices somewhere.

For me, I get up at 6:30 am and go to work until 5pm. I get home around 5:20 to my son playing in his crib and husband in the shower and getting ready for work. That is when we "talk" about the day for about 10 minutes before he leaves for work and I get dinner ready for Henry. Henry eats while I do dishes and then we play, or I give him a bath, then at 8:30 it is time to get him ready for bed. By 9pm he is in bed and I have some time to myself. Sometimes I straighten up or sometimes I just crash and get something for dinner. Terry is home after I am in bed....start the day again.

And I think Terry's day is just as bad plus he is taking 4 classes and that is what he does during any "free" time. This has been our life for 16 months.

Now 2 days during the week Terry is home in the evening but he is usually doing homework. And he works every weekend.

And I do not think you have it any easier as I see what my husband does as he stays at home with Henry during the day. It is just tough all around!

Things that I sacrifice are ME time, house work, time with Terry. And even when the time comes for Henry to go to child care full time and Terry goes back to work full time, we are still going to have to sacrifice things and I don't believe we will ever be able to do it all!

I think it is just the reality....there is always more that we think we need to do or want to do or should be doing.

I try to at least give our self credit for what we ARE doing!!! :)

P.S. Cuddle time is a priority in our house and trumps cleaning ANY day!!