Monday, January 24, 2011

Louis + Nadja = The Perfect Couple

Louis and I are fairly quiet people. Few have any idea what the underbelly of our relationship looks like. Sure, you periodically hear me tell him things like "If you drop Athena I will punch you in the neck."

Or I tell the story of our romantic vacation: "We were standing on the beach, holding hands with all these newlyweds. They were all hugging and kissing, and then I turned to Louis and... he farted as loud as humanly possible.

Or as we're laying in bed and he announces "I'll go get a vasectomy if you promise right now you're not going to go divorce me."

Ah. Romance. He haz it.

Athena was shooting a video the other day with Louis and I blissfully unaware. (You hear her warn me, but it falls on deaf ears.)

It's all cuteness of her sister with a loving exchange between Louis and me in the background.

Why do I share this? I have no idea. Sleep deprivation may be making it funnier to me than it should.

You can sign up for our marriage counseling sessions any time. After almost a decade together, we got this shit on lock.


Nadja said...

P.S. He's rolling around on the couch trying to get away from me.

the grumbles said...


Wendy said...

Haaah! I'm glad you posted it!

Iris Took said...

It's not sleep deprivation, that shit is funny.

The farting comment made me laugh out loud....maybe it's because I can relate. Schmoopie couples all around us and then there's us - either doing shots or overeating. That's love.

Nadja said...

Another time we were on vacation and I "accidentally" drank too much. I was singing "From the windoooooooooooooooows to the walls!" much too loud and all the schmoopie couples were glaring. Louis enjoyed my singing though.

Jill Marie said...

"your a crazy PERSON" I laughed about this all day! It is Hoooo-larious!

Sassytimes said...

This is sooooo funny!

wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHA! You guys are awesome! REAL and SO AWESOME.

I also love how Athena is telling you she is "taking a picture"! Too funny :)

Nadja said...

OK, my mom wasn't amused so I was a little worried that it wasn't funny. I'm glad you guys see it.