Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Honey Badgers Don't Sleep

Well, at least mine doesn't. Zofia had a new thing where she would cry off and on from 3:45am to 5am and wake herself up by standing up and running off the couch.


Then she got up and threw up all over me. This is extra special because vomit is one of the "O's" in my OCD.

In the depths of my despair I sent out a lonely tweet that my "honey badger won't sleep!" and "Dare I move my honey badger to the crib?"

Twitter responded with Honey Badger-bots that sent me this gem:

Another video narrated by Randall. Thank you Twitter. Thank you so hard.

(In case you're wondering "What the F is a honey badger," I talked about it here.)

Here's to sleep filled, vomit free days! Cheers!