Monday, August 15, 2011

My heart, she bursts!

Oh sweet Zofia. You're getting SO big. 14 months already? Where has the time gone? You are developing and changing so quickly. You run, you try to jump, and your climbing is completely out of control.

Your sister is your absolute best friend and you want to do everything she does, even if this will lead to a broken leg.

You guys are always together, always touching, always laughing. When you were first born I was so nervous about taking care of two littles. Turns out having two ladies is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

One of my absolute favorite things that we have shared is nursing. It's been the best experience for both of us. At 14 months you still think booby juice is the bee's knees and real food is merely something to play with. I will treasure our nightly nursing cuddle times forever.

Your likes: Bananas, balls, sand, your water table, tortilla chips, boobies, and Barbies.

Your hobbies: Dancing, belly button inspecting, and crayon eating.

Your dislikes: Diaper changes, shoes, and power tools.

Words you say: Hello, bye-bye, Mama, ball, Dada, Yia Yia

Every month is a new, fun adventure. You know in the "Grinch" where his heart grows and explodes off the charts? That's what I feel like every time I hear my daughters laugh together. It explodes every time I think about what it's like to be the mom to two girls. And it explodes every time I see those two little ladies completely rule their dad. I did something so right in a past life to deserve these gifts I've gotten.