Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zofia's Turn for School

I'll admit it, I've been pretty lax with Zofia. I baby her quite a bit and with the emotions of Athena starting school, I'm trying to hold on to toddlerhood as long as I can.

All of a sudden she started making it clear that she's learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors with or without me. The time had come to bring out The Big Preschool Workbook. Most of it is still beyond her but she's loving the shapes and coloring pages.

For craft time, has always been my go-to site for printables. It's full of fun stuff to make, color, create, and bake and all of Zofia's favorite characters are there. Today she colored Athena a Bubble Guppies Halloween picture and we made a Brobee mask.

I'm excited to do this all over again with a child that is so completely different from Athena. It's a whole new adventure for us.

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Wrestling Kitties said...

Love this and love that she is so different from Athena ;)

That big preschool book looks awesome!