Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is this, in fact, the ugliest dress on the planet?

Louis claims that it is. I, however, do not believe that he has done the proper research to claim this the absolute ugliest in the world. I wear it with a black cardigan and black knee-high boots and do work.

He always use to make a scrunched up face whenever I came out in it and I politely ignored it. Then one day he asked:

"Why do you have to keep wearing that stupid dress?"
Me: (shocked and appalled) "What?? Why?? What's wrong with it??
Louis: "It is the absolute ugliest dress in the world. It's too short (what?? It comes to my knees!) it's too baggy, and the colors are horrible.

No internets, I want you to know that if it truly is ugly, I want you to be honest. I promise it will only make me laugh yet it would make Louis's day to be right about something for once in his life.

So tell me:

Is this the ugliest dress on the planet?
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1 comment:

Jenni said...

I would have to see it on to make that determination. Too many times I have scrunched my nose at something and turns out that it is super cute on someone. Pics!